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Taxi(Short Reel)

My name is Jaeyoung Jang, I'm 3D Rigger and Animator.

But my previous experience is tiny different.

Last my job is Rotomation Artist, which is very similar to 3D Generalist.

Just there are no lighting and shader, actually more close to frame by frame modelling.

Most important thing is I got special experience.

"3D Conversion"

Especially it has broadened the understanding of layout.

Also how to decision to what is important or not important in shot and then deploy objects and characters quickly and efficiently.

Solved skill, improve modelling and animation skill in limited time.

And learn how to modify rigs, fit for shot.

But most important experience is communicated and worked with passionate people from all over the world.

Also that is really excitement experienced.

But know as, I'm still not enough to experienced.

So I want to more growing up, more opportunity and challenges.

Want more meet and work with passionate people.

Want and trying to take things to the next level, and to do that I need the right opportunity.

So always welcome to contact me, feel free to contact me!


Thank you for contacting me. I will be in touch with you very soon.


Taxi | Taxi WIP 2 | Taxi WIP 1 | Taxi Rigging | B-Cut 3 | B-Cut 2 | B-Cut 1

Original subject is not Taxi, original subject is "Cuba Taxi".

Originally story is based on a true story.

And of course, my story.

But final story is huge change, so now I said "This story was inspired by a trip to Cuba.".

Original story is so simple.

That is last day of Santa Clara, I'm late wake up, take a taxi and start deal.

Just problems are I’m late wake up, I can't speak Spanish, 5 minutes later my bus is leaving, before from busterminal to hotel is take a 10 minutes.

So, I'm use everything and try talking and deal.

First I said 2 pesos and he said "no" and then I'm thinking and I'm using my hands and phrase book, try to let him know.

If going 4 minutes? I pay 5 pesos, but if overtime? 4 pesos.

And he understand and really take 4 minutes!

Start is this story.

But now is so huge different story.