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Taxi(Short Reel)


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Original subject is not Taxi, original subject is "Cuba Taxi".

Originally story is based on a true story.

And of course, my story.

But final story is huge change, so now I said "This story was inspired by a trip to Cuba.".

Original story is so simple.

That is last day of Santa Clara, I'm late wake up, take a taxi and start deal.

Just problems are I’m late wake up, I can't speak Spanish, 5 minutes later my bus is leaving, before from busterminal to hotel is take a 10 minutes.

So, I'm use everything and try talking and deal.

First I said 2 pesos and he said "no" and then I'm thinking and I'm using my hands and phrase book, try to let him know.

If going 4 minutes? I pay 5 pesos, but if overtime? 4 pesos.

And he understand and really take 4 minutes!

Start is this story.

But now is so huge different story.